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There are so many different head models available these days that making an knowledgeable resolution on which one to purchase is an extended process. I occur to know that about 99% of people have the same objectives:

1. Get a unit with all the best features.

2. Lower your expenses on that unit.

You are in luck, because that is what this guide is all about!

A quick word about HYPE:

There are lots of retailers and parties on the web that would really like you to consider sure issues about automobile audio. What is boils all the way down to is that these people really just want to sell you something, and take some of your $$$ with them. When deciding on stereo equipment, it's best to rely on the advice of neutral events reasonably than retailers and marketers. Do not fall into the lure of knowledge pollution!

OK, then.

Whenever you buy a kenwood head unit quality unit, basically you are searching for a control system to your total stereo. You must be sure that whatever unit you buy can deal with all the duties you need your unit to handle. Some things to think about:

Do I need a CD changer?

Do I need to connect my iPod (or other MP3 machine)?

Do I need to use satellite radio?

Do I would like any sort of mobile video?

Do I want any EQ/DSP/Time correction features?

Do I want to concentrate on Sound Quality or SPL?

Do I wish to be able to play MP3 or different digital music recordsdata?

Do I wish to connect amplifiers? In that case, what number of?

How a lot of a stereo system am I going to build around this head unit?

There are most likely different issues that you would wish to think about as nicely, but these are just just a few ideas to get your head going.

After getting selected all of this stuff, you can start narrowing down your head unit list. The following thing you will want to do is look at all of the specifications, and see what unit is the perfect choice. If you wish to study a listing of head unit specs, check out my article called Head Unit Specs, and How They Have an effect on You.

A quick observe about specifications: Some people get really obsessive about finding a unit that somehow magically has the perfect specifications. What I mean is that individuals look for items that not solely have the highest s/n ratio, but in addition the lowest THD, probably the most options, the highest bit DAC, etc. etc. NOW! I will say that most items from the top producers are adequate to form the basis of a high-end stereo system. The truth is that many of these specifications are measured by a pc, and people can't really perceive the differences between .03% and .05% THD. So, don't worry about it! In the event you find a unit that has all the features you NEED, and has acceptable efficiency, just buy it! Like many people have stated before me: "Don't sweat the small stuff". Compromising on one little specification is not going to make your music sound bad. Адрес сайта: